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We are Vijayakriti and Paresh, an ordinary couple juggling between our 9 to 5 job and passion for travel. We started travelling together as soon as we started dating back in year 2014. And  in our very first trip together we discovered that apart from sharing common hobbies like painting and dancing we really like travelling together. Soon it became an indispensable part of our relationship, together we have traveled to different parts of our beautiful country. We trekked to snow capped mountains of Himalayas on our Honeymoon trip, backpacked to serene beaches of Gokarna, attended a music festival in a distant village of Arunachal Pradesh, did a bike trip along Konkan beaches, went on a budget trip to White Rann of Kutch and many more memorable trips. In last few years we have traveled to distant places of our beautiful country. Slowly we are spreading our wings as recently we went on a backpacking trip to Thailand on our first International trip. And somewhere in between these trips we have realized that together we form a great team. They say if you want to test your bond , travel together and we can safely say  we hit a lottery in this case 🙂  


www.thedoubletdiary.comIt feels so awkward introducing myself as third person, so chuck it! Hi, I am Vijayakriti, most of the blogs here are written by me ( actually all! ). I am a true blue Banarasi, an extrovert, quirky and a happy go lucky girl. Apart from being a scientist by profession, I am an enthusiastic Kathak dancer, an impulsive artist, and an avid reader. I blabber a lot, my mouth has no filters and narrate every unimportant story to almost everyone I come across ( Guess who coined the idea of blogging ;P). I am a lazy bum most of the time unless I am travelling. My most favorite part during travel is interacting with locals. I have this habit of collecting sea shells, stones, pine cones as souvenirs from my trips so my bag always come back heavier ; P


www.thedoubletdiary.comMeet Paresh! The techie and photographer behind all our pictures and vlogs. He hails from small town called Mandsaur in Madhya Pradesh and is a civil engineer by profession. As a person Paresh is very outgoing and has lots of friends. If you ask me to describe him in one word, I would say “Enthusiastic”, as he is always ready to learn new things. While I laze around he puts his efforts behind learning all the nitty gritty of the photography and vlogging techniques. He like to plan trips early and is very keen to make detailed excel sheets (which I totally despise). He is more into adventures and trekking and always pushes me on the edge quite literally.

Our Travel Style

 The most important thing that let us pursue our dream to travel frequently is ‘budget’. We realized it really soon that we are into budget and backpacking trips. Let’s face it ! all that Instagram worthy stays and luxury travel pictures sure looks attractive but an average middle class person can afford it only once or twice in a year. We belong to humble background and this habit of saving few bucks here and there is in our genes, so we opt for budget travel almost all the time. The major expense during any travel is stay and commute. We mostly backpack and use public transports when in new city, sometime renting a bike also is a better option. For stays we mostly prefer staying in home stays, that way we get to experience the local life and culture of the place upclose plus it is light on pocket which is a win win situation. 

Now that you know what we are upto why not join us as we cover some extra miles 🙂

Sail along !