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Join us in the journey which is not just about travel stories but its kinda documentation of experiences we gain together while planning trips, enroute journey, exploring places, creating art & craft, shopping, adventures and pretty much about everything.

Nathula Pass, Sikkim

Before hopping in with us on this roller coaster ride, how about a brief introduction here?

The doublets


Ah It feels so awkward introducing yourself as third person, so chuck it! Hi, I am Vijayakriti, a 26 years old girl who hails from holi city of Benaras. After completing graduation in Science from Banaras Hindu University, I moved to Delhi to persue my post grads in Chemistry from University of Delhi.  A crazy blend of two cities, as I am an extrovert, quirky and a happy go lucky girl. Apart from being a scientist by profession, I am an enthusiastic Kathak dancer, an impulsive artist, and avid reader.  I blabber a lot, my mouth has no filters and narrate every unimportant story to almost everyone I come across ( Guess who coined the idea of blogging ;p). I believe I have got this one life and I will live it to the fullest without any regrets.




This is Paresh (drumrolls)! the techie and photgrapher for our page.

A 25 years old boy from small city of Mandsaur, Madhya pradesh. After his schooling in hometown, he moved to Indore to persue  bachelors degree  in civil engineering from Institute of engineering & science, DAVV. The four years of engineering has made a huge impact on his life and personality (His words not mine). As a person, Paresh is very enthuastic, helpful, friendly guy, and is popular amongst his friends and family. He is great at sketching, and dancing but sucks at singing (My opinion). He wants to experience every damn thing in life and recently developed interest in travelling and adventure

How it all started??

We met in Mumbai in year 2013, as it started off as acquaintance and soon mutual love for art and dance led towards friendship.  Both were dating different persons at that point of time. Apparently long distance didn’t workout for both and one fine day Paresh asked me out (Blush blush)

To cut it short,

We started dating in October 2014,

in Jan 2015 Paresh proposed,

in July 2015 we moved in together,

in Nov 2015 we got engaged, (pretty Quick ehh )

And since then we are travelling together, cooking together, cleaning together, and recently got married (5th March 2018)


The Journey 

Our journey so far has been amazing, we have travelled together to many places, went on adventure trips we never dreamt of, explored some really beautiful places together and also got disappointed by some popular destinations.But in between these trips we realized that together we form a great team.We always encourage each other to try something new and support each other in every silly decision one make, be it trying outrageous hairstyles, getting inked,  and what not. We have become a better version of ourselves in this relationship.

Travelling played a major role in our relationship. I am a lazy ass who will not move from couch unless its an earthquake (No I am not afraid of cockroaches), but his  constant nagging and scolding led to me joining him in journeys. And I discovered a new side of me as a traveller and storyteller, which soon led to me writing travel blogs for my friend’s website. Few months back, We decided to take the next step and started sharing our pictures on instagram. Writing blogs was always in mind but one thing or other kept us away. Oh man! Maintaining balance between passion along with 10 to 6 job is pretty tough, but hey we did it, TOGETHER.


WHY the name Thedoubletdiary ??

Being scientists we just cannot stop using technical terms( read bragging) and hence the name. In chemistry, the doublet stands for two signals of same frequency and intensity appearing together. And what better name we could come up rather than thedoubletdiary.

Currently we are exploring different parts of India, and wish to see every nook and corner of our beautiful country.

Now that you know us why not join us as we coversome extra miles, explore new places, create more art, and spread more love.

Ride along 🙂