Jaipur Itinerary
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Jaipur Itinerary for 48 hours – Ultimate 2 days travel guide

Jaipur needs no introduction! Immersed in rich culture of Rajasthan, the pink city has it all, extravagant palaces, huge forts, beautiful temples, lip smacking food, colorful art and crafts, Uff so much to see and experience. But when we visited Jaipur all we had in hand is exactly 48 hours! We tried to make the most of it and covered as much places as we could in this short time.

In this blog we will share with you our Jaipur itinerary with full details.

Jaipur Itinerary

Day 1

So, we reached Jaipur after celebrating Holi in Pushkar, will write a separate blog on it. We arrived in Jaipur at around 1 p.m and our hotel taxi was waiting for us, it picked us and drove to our stay in Krishna Palace . Now we always suggest budget places but this time we would suggest you to slightly increase your budget and stay in a Haveli, if you are travelling with family, there are plenty of them in Jaipur. If you are solo backpacking or with friends you can also check some really cool hostels in Jaipur. This trip was our family trip so we are not focusing on budget TBH.


After lunch and freshening up we started our city tour with our first stop at City Palace.

City Palace, Jaipur

Timing: 9:30 am – 5:00 pm (Day Visit)
7:00 pm – 10:00 pm (Night Visit) Entry Fee: 200 Rs (Museum) 300 Rs for composite ticket , 500 Rs for Night tour, 1500-3000 Rsfor royal tour

We reached City palace at around 3:30 in evening. The palace was established at the same time with the city Jaipur and since then it is being used for cultural and ceremonial events, the royal family still stays here.

We were not very keen to spend 3000 Rs per person to see royal rooms so we opted for regular 200 Rs ticket. Our favorite spot in city palace was Pritam Niwas chowk, the inner courtyard which has four small gates themed around four seasons in India. Peacock gate represents the autumn season, Lotus Gate is the symbol of the summer season, Leheriya Gate represents the spring season and lastly the Rose gate is symbolic of the winter season. While you are here don’t forget to get a click with these gates.

Jaipur Itinerary
City palace, Jaipur

The other remarkable structure in city palace is Mubarak Mahal, built in marble and beige stone, it looks like a giant-carved ivory box. Also known as ‘Palace of Welcome’ it was built to greet royal guests but now houses a vast gallery displaying fine rich Banarasi silks, musical instruments, pottery etc .

There was a puppet show going in other courtyard, when we finally decided to leave the palace, it took us 1.5 hours to roam around in the palace, so plan accordingly.

Hawa Mahal

Timing: 9.30 A.M.- 5.00 P.M. Entry Fee: 50 Rs

We left the city palace at around 4:30 for our next stop, Hawa-Mahal by walking.  Hawa Mahal (The palace of winds) is a beautiful palace built in red and pink sand stone and is right around a corner from city palace. This area comes under old Jaipur city, you will find walls, houses, shops painted in pink here, it is called pink city for a reason!

Hawa Mahal is famous for unique honeycomb like 953 Jharonkha (small windows) on one side. The main purpose behind this intricate lattice design was to allow royal women to peek into everyday life and festivals celebrated in the street below without being seen, as they had to follow strict ‘Purdah‘ (Veil)system. This peculiar architectural feature also facilitated cool air to pass through, thereby making the palace cool during summers and hence the name.

Jaipur Itinerary
View of Hawa mahal from cafe

When we reached Hawa Mahal, it was about to close and we did not want to rush through. So we instead went to a famous Tattoo cafe onlooking Hawa Mahal famous front.
Although We were running out of time, still we spent good three hours just to see this beauty changing colors from soft pink in evening to bright orange in night.

Bapu Market

After spending beautiful evening watching Hawa-mahal while sipping coffee, we left the cafe to reach Bapu Market, which is again on walking distance. Coming to Bapu market, if you are into street shopping, this is the place to be! Plenty of shops selling everything right from mojaris (traditional shoes), leheriya clothes, ethnic jewelleries, souvenirs to bed sheets, cushions and everything is oh so colourful! We tasted some really good lassi and had paan(beetle leaf) in between my shopping marathon.

Jaipur Itinerary
Bapu Bazar, Jaipur

Bargaining is recommended, just do not shy away from showing your bargaining skills. I went totally mad and bought so many things, if I get a chance to visit Jaipur again you know where to find me!

After a fruitful evening we were hungry and tired so we dragged ourselves to a nearby famous sweet shop to try on famous pyaaz ki kachori and ghewar. We hired a tut-tuk back for our hotel and called it off for the day!


We started early on day 2 as today’s plan was to cover the famous forts of Jaipur. So we got ready by 7 A.M. (yes that early!) and booked an Uber for our first destination- Amer fort! So while in Jaipur we mostly relied on Uber and Ola as they seemed pretty cheap options for four people, even the last night tuk-tuk charged us more than them. If you are travelling on budget you can also find public bus from old city area.

So we reached Amer (11 k.m from Jaipur) in half an hour or so, the Uber dropped us at entrance. From here, there are three options to reach Amer palace:

  1. By elephant: It costs a hefty amount of 1100 Rs one way( which is quite high and also we feel animal riding should not be promoted. So please avoid it!
  2. By foot: It would have taken not less than an hour with family ,and the whole point of coming early to get less crowd would be lost.
  3. By Jeep: We choose this option and it costed us 450 Rs for both ways and including stopover at Panna Meena kund and Jagat Shiromani temple. For us four it sounded a better deal.

Panna Meena Kund

Timing: 7.00 A.M.- 7.00 P.M. Entry Fee: Free So on our way to Amer fort, the first stop was Panna Meena Kund. It is an eight storey step well located near Amer fort. The step-well has criss-cross steps symmetrically arranged on three sides. An interesting story as believed by locals is that nobody can use the same stairs to get down and go upstairs.

Jaipur Itinerary
Panna Meena kund

We could not check how much truth the story holds as guards didn’t allow us to enter in step-well. It’s funny because most of the pictures we have seen from this place is of people actually on steps. Anyways we followed the rule which was not written anywhere but the guard insisted so we refrained from entering. We spent 15 minutes and left for our next stop, Jagat Shiromani temple

Jagat Shiromani Temple

Timing: 6.00 A.M.- 8.00 P.M. Entry Fee: Free This is beautiful hindu temple located near Amer fort is known as Jagat Shiromani  temple. It is constructed around 16 AD by Queen Kanakwati who was the wife of King Man Singh 1st. This temple is dedicated to  Meera bai and lord Krishna. The temple is considered to be an important part of local history as according to legends the statue is the same idol that Meera Bai worshipped in the State of Mewar. The detailed carvings and calm surrounding make it a must visit.

Amer, Jaipur Itinerary
Beautiful carvings at temple

Amer Fort

Timing: 8.00 A.M.- 5.30 P.M. 6.30-9.15 P.M. Entry Fee: 100 Rs. Coming to Amer fort, also known as Amber palace, is one of the top attraction in Jaipur. Amber palace transported us back into era of Kings and Queens. Sprawling over large area , this palace is constructed of red sandstone and marble. It consists of the Diwan-e-Aam (Hall of Public Audience), the Diwan-e-Khas(Hall of Private Audience), the Sheesh Mahal (mirror palace),and the Sukh Niwas where a cool climate is artificially created by winds that blow over a water cascade within the palace. You will be thrilled to watch this beautiful architectural piece. It took us three hours in total and still we feel we didn’t cover it fully.

Ganesh Pol, Amer Fort, Jaipur itinerary
Ganesh Pol, Amer Fort

At around 12 p.m, the jeep dropped us as at main parking area and we luckily found an ola for our next stop, Jaigarh fort!

Jaigarh fort

Timing: 9.30 A.M.- 4.45 P.M. Entry Fee: 35 Rs Jaigarh Fort is perched on the Cheel ka Teela (Hill of Eagles) of the Aravalli range. It overlooks Amer fort and Maota lake and was built to by Jai Singh II in 18th century with the purpose of protecting the Amer Fort complex. As the fort is located at height, it provides an amazing view of Amer fort complex and surrounding area. The high unending walls surrounding the whole fort complex gives such royal feel.

Jaigarh Fort, Jaipur itinerary
Jaigarh Fort

By the time we completed our tour in this fort, it was lunch time so we stopped to have traditional dal-bati at a restaurant in fort complex, which was okayish TBH! So after much needed pet-pooja we left for next fort to see, Nahargarh fort!

We couldn’t find an Ola from Jaigarh fort and somehow got an auto to drop us at Nahargarh fort for 200 Rs. Now Here I feel you can take a cab for full day to avoid discomfort.

Nahargarh fort

Timing: 10.00 A.M.- 6.00 P.M. Entry Fee: 50 Rs. After Amer fort we thought we will not like any other place, but Nahargarh fort surprised us. Built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II in 18th century, this fort was originally named Sudarshangarh Fort. Later, it was named as Nahargarh which means ‘abode of tigers’. Perched on Aravalli Hills, the fort gives a breathtaking view of whole city.

Nahargarh Fort, Jaipur itinerary
View from Nahargarh Fort

We totally loved Madhavendra palace in the fort, as this historic monument doubled up as a site for contemporary art! This 18th century palace has lended place to showcase art with the second edition of ‘The Sculpture Park’. We enjoyed hopping from one room to another to see different arts displayed from artists all over the world.

By the time we got free, we were totally drained! If you remember we started this day quite early, so we booked an Ola for our way back to hotel and saw Jal Mahal while driving past it. After taking rest we decided to go to Bapu market again , because there is no end to Shopping right? We walked past to beautiful Albert hall museum which was shining in colorful light. But we were done for the day so we had dinner and went back.

Day 3

Our last day in Jaipur and few hours left before we say good bye to this beautiful city. But we were not done yet! Frequent travelling has made our time optimization skills perfect! So again we started our day early to cover two places before leaving the city.

Patrika Gate

Timing: 24 hours Entry Fee: Free The vibrant Patrika gate  is entrance to Asia’s largest circular park on a traffic signal, the  Jawahar circle. It is most Instagrammed place in Jaipur and we have no qualms about it, with walls and ceilings hand painted in vibrant colours and intricate motifs, it gives us a sneak peek into the vibrant culture of Rajasthan. The gate has been made keeping in mind the other 7 gates which are present in the walled city.

Patrika Gate, Jaipur itinerary
Hello from Patrika Gate

The Patrika gate is just 2.7 k.m away from Jaipur Airport and is a must visit! We tried to capture the beauty of this place through different angles for our Insta-feed , follow us on Instagram for recent travel updates πŸ™‚

After spending around one hour at Patrika gate we left for our next and final spot of Jaipur visit, Galta Ji temple.

Galta Ji temple

Timing: 5 A.M.- 9P.M. Entry Fee: Free Galta ji temple, Built in a mountain pass in the Aravalli Hills, is around 10 k.m from Jaipur. The temple is famous for its seven kunds (water tank)in which water from from natural spring accumulates.
The temple complex is also known as the Monkey temple due to the large number of monkeys which are very friendly, visitors can be seen giving them treats.

Galta Ji temple, Jaipur itinerary
Galta Ji temple

The setting of temple is very picturesque but the complex is poorly maintained. The premises were not clean and pools were also dirty, partially because of monkeys partially because of humans, who contributed more can’t say much! But this beautiful temple with equally beautiful surrounding need to be maintained for generations to witness it in its full glory!

After visiting the temple we rushed to our hotel to pack our things and left for station at 1:00 p.m(told you exactly 48 Hours).

So guys this is our Jaipur itinerary for exactly 48 hours in the pink city, we missed few places like Jantar Mantar, Albert Hall museum, Sun temple, Maharani’s Cenotaph etc but there’s always a next time! We feel we have utilized our limited time to the maximum, What do you think?

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Jaipur Itinerary
Jaipur Itinerary

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